About us

Founded in April 2014, Gulang Changhai Chemical Co., Ltd. is a fine chemical production base invested Jiashan Hailun Fine Chemical Factory and Gulang Xinmiao Group Company. Located in Tumen Township Industrial Park of Gulang County in Gansu Province, we enjoy superior geographical location and attractive scenery, with Hexi Corridor, Jingtai County and Tianzhu County of Gansu province, Liangzhou District of Wuwei city, and Tengger desert nearby. It is communications centre of the old Silk Road.

Now, we are a manufacturer of fine chemicals such as Nitroguanidine, Methyl nitroguanidine and N-Nitroiminoimidazolidine, which are the intermediates of drugs and pesticides. Covering an area of over 20,000sqm, we now have CNY 20 million of fixed assets, 1,200sqm of buildings and more than 100 employees, 30 of them are managers and technicians. Now, we use the leading technologies to have production and advanced inspection methods and related inspection facilities to check the quality of products. All operations of our daily production are strictly in accordance with the standards of ISO9000 quality system.



Add: Industrial Park, Tumen town, Gulang County, Gansu, China  Tel:86-935-6982628  Fax:86-935-6982629  Contact: Hu Jinhai (General manager) Mobile:86-13993501636、13605736758、18857390990

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